StudyHub Portal wiki

Hello dear students. Through this web portal you can create and manage a subscription for StudyHub, without needing to visit the receiption desk.

This is StudyHub's virtual card service. You can register here and manage your virtual card entirely from your phone.
By using this you can visit anytime now. You do not need to come in during repection working hours.

You can keep using the card.
For customers who already have a card and would like to use this service:
First, register here in the studyhub portal. Then:
Option 1: Visit reception during hours and show the person your QR code. Your physical card subscription will be update to match the digital one.
Option 2: Email info @ from the email address you registered with containing your full name.
Your digital card will be updated to match your existing subscription on your phyiscal card. Note: Only for the duration this subscription. We are working to make it possible that when you digitally buy a subscription, the validity of your phyiscal card is also extended, so you can expect that at some future time.

Until now, to use StudyHub, you had to visit reception during bussiness hours, pay there and get issued a physcial access card for a duration.
This service aims to change that - now you can purchase a subscripton entirely online and gain access entirely through your phone!

Yes, for the time being we will not stop issuing phyiscal cards. However, reception hours will be reduced. Look for an update on our social media pages and our website.
We will continue offering physical cards and now as a part of the process, you will also setup your digital profile.

Steps for first time users. After you register and log in, you can choose a virtual card duration. After you confirm and pay for your virtual card, you will see a QR code on your home page.
Show this code to the sensor at the door and it will blink green and open the door for you.

The QR code shown on the page is time sensitive. The QR code shown to you is re-generated after some time. If the door keeps blinking red, you should probably refresh the page.

Studyhub virtual cards are per individual only. Your virtual card and the QR code shown is unique to you. Please do not share that code.
Offenders will be warned and may eventaually be _banned_.